Trade Mission Iran 27 - 31 May

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what makes interpay iran unique

Payments module

We connect you to Iran for creating payments and making sure that you receive payments when needed


whenever, wherever. We create a logistical chain to get your product and services on the right place, on the right time.

local partnerships

looking for local partners to provide optimal business? We can help using our extensive partnernetwork

About Interpay iran

we create possiblities from a financial and a logistical point of view

Interpay is working closely with PortingXS and A2MD. PortingXS develops, implements and manages solutions for number portability, number management and number foreclosure. A2MD service enables customers to deposit their cross-border payment directly to the mobile wallet of the recipient.

  • knowledge of market
  • ambition to grow
  • technical know how
  • logistical knowhow

interpay iran team

looking forward to assist you in creating business in Iran
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Ronald Vlasman

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Patty de Haan

Senior consultant
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Shayan Sherafati

Marketing and communications
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Jasper Kokx

Business consultant

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